Ticket information for the match in Palermo between Italy – Macedonia

Published on 16 Март, 2022 in Tickets, News


The Football Federation of Macedonia informs the fans and fans of football in Macedonia that the department in the "House of Football" in charge of distributing tickets for the playoff match Italy - Macedonia for the World Cup 2022, through electronic form has received a total of 2604 requests for buying tickets for the match in Palermo.

The number of received applications has been received until March 15, 2022.

We express our respect and gratitude to each individual with a sincere intention to support our team at the Renzo Barbera Stadium in Palerno, but at the same time we send an important note that the Football Federation of Macedonia has a limited ticket quota which was made available to us according to UEFA regulations. (total 5% of the stadium capacity).

The opportunity to buy tickets for all our fans is practically impossible.

Considering the number of tickets we have available, FFM can satisfy about fifty percent of the people who applied for tickets for the match Italy - Macedonia.

FFM through the department of security and integrity achieved close communication with the fan groups in our country who expressed interest in supporting the national team in Palermo and according to their requests and the number of tickets that could be made available, FFM provided the opportunity for about 150 fans to travel organized in Italy.


Persons who have applied for tickets and have received codes:

They should access the following ticket link: https://www.vivaticket.com/it/ticket/playoff-qualificazioni-mondiali-2022-italia-macedonia-del-nord-guests/177386

With the received codes from the ticket department of FFM, they buy them;

They receive the ticket in electronic form;

Before traveling to Italy, they must fill out and have the form at the following link: https://app.euplf.eu/#/

Macedonian fans traveling to Palermo, Italy for the Italy-Macedonia match must comply with the following regulations of the Italian authorities in a pandemic:Ковид-19 регулатива за влез во Италија.docx

People who have received ticket purchase codes should complete the purchase process after receiving them, but no later than March 17 at 22:30.

The platform, ie the link for buying tickets closes at 22:30 on March 17, 2022.

We call on all football fans and supporters of the Macedonian national team with fair and correct cheering to help the "Lynx" to come to victory and to further approach the placement in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

A National Team