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The Football Federation of Macedonia has the privilege, responsibility and opportunity to organize football in Macedonia in all it's aspects.

We are working on the development of the amateur and professional football in partnership and cooperation with FIFA and UEFA, as football organizations where we are participating as affiliated members. In terms of development, we are also cooperating with the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, with the local businesses, and of course, the sponsors.

Undertaking the role and the responsibility of organizing football, we have to adopt to the ever changing and developing environment. We have to face all the new challenges that football brings in the world. We have to set new targets that will lead us to success, in a fair manner and that will represent true values. Each year we will try to be winners in sport, in organization and in administration.

Our mission is to serve and to lead the Football Federation of Macedonia towards reaching the goals and to build an integrity based on successful leadership in order to preserve the game of football in its entirety; To protect and to care for the future of football, through straightening of the winning mentality and through enabling the pursuit of a career path to all of those that want to be part of the football game in Macedonia. Our mission also is to open the doors of cooperation with the local and regional organizations, associations, clubs, leagues, viewers, supporters and all the other stakeholders that lead the game and support the growth, the development a and the continuity of the Macedonian football.

FFM is in a close cooperation with FIFA and UEFA, and our aim is to straighten the relations with these two organizations that have the crucial role in the football development, in the promotion of healthy lifestyle and in the education of young athletes, not just in Macedonia and in the region, but also throughout the world.

The game of football in Macedonia represents one of the biggest ambassadors, a promoter of fair play, of social inclusion, of healthy life style and education in our society. Our mission is to protect the values and the key principals of the game of football, such as integrity, diversity, dignity, laws of the game, the referees, the opponents and the supporters, and all with an aim to protect the true spirit of our game.

Our vision is to become a respected football organization in our country and in the world, an organization that serves all the football stakeholders in our country. We are dedicated to the respect of the game of football and of our opponents through fair play, responsibility and respect for all the individuals, regardless of they are players, viewers, supporters, partners, or the society with its laws and the laws of the game, that represents our duty to the international football familly.

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