The management of FFM held a meeting with the clubs from WFL: Financial support for all first league teams

Published on 30 Ноември, 2022 in First Women's League, News

In the "House of Football", the leadership of the Football Federation of Macedonia, Vice-President Lazar Rakidziev, General Secretary Filip Popovski and his deputy Drilon Ganiu, held a meeting with representatives of all clubs from the First Women's Football League.

The working meeting with the representatives of the clubs was opened by the vice-president of the FFM, Lazar Rakidziev, and the General Secretary, Filip Popovski, presented to the clubs the procedure related to the Licensing Regulations and the corresponding sports, infrastructure, administrative, legal and financial criteria that the clubs should fulfill them in order to be able to use the funds from the UEFA solidarity scheme.

The General Secretary of the FFM also presented to the representatives of the clubs the process of licensing in the Football Federation of Macedonia and the bodies of the FFM that participate in the licensing, as well as the most important criteria from the new Regulations for club licensing.

Clubs have to meet one or more of the listed criteria in order to use the funds from the UEFA solidarity scheme in the amount of 10,000 Euros obtained from the television rights of the Women's Champions League.


Youth Teams

Medical care for players

- Young teams aged 12-17. Included in official competitions

- Annual medical examinations for the senior team in accordance with UEFA medical regulations

- Annual medical examinations for players over 12 years old


Availability of training grounds

Stadium infrastructure

- Training fields that are available throughout the year for use by all teams

-Improving the infrastructure of the stadiums in order to meet the minimum criteria of the stadiums defined in the rules for the infrastructure of stadiums.

Personal and administrative criteria

Club Secretariat

Administrative manager



Senior team coach

Coach of young teams

-Adequate number of club qualified staff who will work on daily activities

- Manager in charge of leading activities related to women's football

-At least 1 qualified doctor to provide support during training and matches

-At least 1 qualified physiotherapist to provide medical treatments and massages during training and matches

-Coach with UEFA A license (or other recognized diploma of the same weight)

- At least 1 qualified youth coach, with a minimum coaching qualification according to the national coaching organization

"We have an obvious need to create a more serious base of women's football and that is why we have strengthened the operational part of our work with a club obligation to fulfill at least one of the important criteria that we indicate. The results of the previous years show a slight progress, but we must continue the development and these changes in the licensing process are a step in that direction."

"The development of women's football should not rely on short-term profit, but on a long-term vision. Thanks to the solidarity funds that are the basis of this type of project, but also to the increased prize fund, every euro generated by the Women's Champions League will return even more to women's football. Our goal is for the clubs to understand this in the right way and of course, together with the federation, work to improve the conditions in women's football", said Filip Popovski.

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