Ten thousand euros for each club from the First WMFL

Published on 31 Март, 2023 in First Women's League, News

The Football Federation of Macedonia made a decision that each club from the First Women's League will receive financial assistance in the amount of 10,000 thousand Euros in Denars equivalent as support from the "House of Football" for administrative needs (lease and maintenance of pitches, coaches, preparations, etc.) all 11 clubs from 1 ZMFL. The funds are provided by the UEFA Women's Champions League Solidarity Fund for 2021/22.

In order to implement the strategy for the development of women's football "More women, more goals" in this way, our federation, with the help of UEFA, provides additional support and encouragement for women's clubs from the First League to continue their progress through this help, above all in logistical sense. Clubs are the foundation for better results and with greater engagement and seriousness in work they will contribute to progress in the future.

The way of spending the funds received by the clubs will be subject to review and verification by independent auditing companies.

"With the continued support in both financial and technical terms (equipment, footballs, travel expenses...etc.), FFM confirms that women's football is no longer seen as an enthusiastic contributor, but as a part of our football that develops specific goals and tasks. Through the efforts of FFM, we want to encourage the clubs, above all, to be drivers of the future rise of women's football in Macedonia. The help from UEFA in that sense is great and it is important to show that it is treated at the right level by continuing in that direction", said the General Secretary of FFM, Filip Popovski.

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