Protection against match-fixing is one of the important obligations in FFM

Published on 01 Јули, 2022 in News, Seminars

The Football Federation of Macedonia, through the Security and Integrity Commission, is fully focused on discovering and protecting one of the biggest problems in modern football - match fixing. A risk that affects negatively, and takes more and more power in the world of the football game. Therefore, the FFM through the Safety and Integrity Commission through a series of campaigns, seminars and lectures encourages people involved in football to speak out against match-fixing and raise awareness through the confidential reporting platforms of the FFM, UEFA and FIFA.

Regarding this issue, our federation takes specific steps, it participates and organizes educational lectures in coordination with UEFA and FIFA for early recognition and prevention of football match fixing.

The goal is unique, and that is to protect the integrity of the football game itself.

Anyone in football who in any way comes into a match-fixing situation should oppose and report any match-fixing approach through trusted reporting platforms.

In 2021/2022, the Security and Integrity Commission at the FFM organized a dozen educational seminars, trainings and lectures on match-fixing protection. All national teams were covered, as well as referees and controllers in the MFL.

The purpose of the lectures is to give important information to football players, referees and other participants in the football game about the way the entire system and process of match-fixing works, the great negative impact on football, as well as its detection and prevention.

- The activities that we carried out in this direction give us the right to believe that together and constructively we can solve the challenges and that our joint proposals and the guidelines that we receive from UEFA and FIFA in relation to this issue, the footballers, the referees, but also everyone else who is connected to the game of football will transfer them to their clubs, bodies and organizations. I believe that by conducting the series of seminars we have helped by sharing experience and knowledge and that we have found the best methods to protect against match fixing. All this for the sake of our football, but primarily for the sake of our society, said Robert Marković from the security and integrity department at FFM.

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