Marko Alchevski: We regret the missed victory against Cyprus

Published on 18 Ноември, 2022 in News, U21

The  national team of Macedonia U21, today in Larnaca, continues the preparations for the upcoming control duel against Serbia, after yesterday's match with the host Cyprus.

In an interesting match with a lot of excitement and missed chances, Macedonia and Cyprus played a draw 1:1.

The scorer of the only goal for Macedonia was Mario Ilievski in the 66th minute of the match. We can regret the missed victory in this duel, because in the 85th minute we failed to realize a shot from 11 meters.

Marko Alchevski, one of the best individuals in yesterday's match against Cyprus, who had several outstanding interventions, gave his analysis of Macedonia's game yesterday.

- We played a really good match against the quality and difficult representation of Cyprus. We regret the missed victory, but what is here is, we move on.

- There were a lot of positive things in our game in yesterday's match against Cyprus, but also segments and parts of the game where we have to improve. We are on the right track, we want to be better in every next match.

- It will not be easy against the representation of Serbia, we have a great opponent to beat, we want to win.

- We have a quality team, there is great energy among us footballers, we have a clear goal and vision. We need to approach every match with determination and a great desire to win.

On November 22, the selected players of the coach Dragi Kanatlarovski will play another control match against our northern neighbor, the national team of Serbia.

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