Macedonia Gjorce Petrov is the winner of the 30th edition of the Cup of Macedonia

Published on 20 Мај, 2023 in Macedonian Cup, News

In the final at the "Petar Milosevski" training center, Macedonia G.P. and Struga Trim Ljum played 1:1 after 120 minutes. After performing the penalties 2:0 for Macedonia G.P. In the penalty shootout, Struga Trim Ljum did not score a single goal.

For the team from Gjorce Petrov, this is the third title in the Cup of Macedonia. After eight years, the Lions became the first team to defend the trophy.

Macedonia opened the scoring with a penalty goal in the first half, Struga equalized with Yusufi's goal in the 78th minute.

The first attempt was made by the composition of Macedonia G.P. In the 4th minute, Stojkov tried from 20 meters, but he shot high above Struga's goal.

The new champion in the MFL, Struga Trim Ljum, tried to open the score in the 18th minute through Merdzani and two minutes later through Shabani, but in both situations, Macedonia's goalkeeper, Stevkovski, was reliable.

In the 27th minute, penalty for Macedonia G.P. After the corner for Macedonia, Popzlatanov shot, the ball hit Kochovski's hand, and the referee Stojchevski pointed to the penalty spot. Captain Filip Miševski took charge, shot in the middle of the goal and gave his team a 1:0 advantage.

By the end of the half, Struga Trim Ljum had more possession, but did not create a real opportunity to equalize the score.

In the first twenty minutes of the second half, Macedonia G.P. was closer to doubling the advantage than Struga for equalizing. Vosha struck first, and then Fazli and Stojkoski were in excellent positions, but Kjosevski managed to defend their shots.

Besart Ibrahimi had the best chance to equalize in the 57th minute, but the best scorer in the MFL, shot badly from a great position in the Macedonia penalty area.

However, in the 78th minute, leveling the score at 1:1. Boyku crossed after a short play from a corner, Radić shot first, Stevkovski intervened well, but Yusufi placed the deflected ball in the goal to equalize at 1:1.

In the 85th minute, Radeski headed a shot, and until the end there was no serious chance for a goal for either side.

In the first overtime, Samake's shot and chance for Macedonia in the 102nd minute is noteworthy, and a minute later, Bunjamin Shabani was not accurate on the opposite side. In the second 15 minutes, we did not see an opportunity to score before the two goals.

In the penalty shootout, Tairi from Struga Trim Ljum shot over the goal in the first series. Mishevski was not precise in the first series against Macedonia G.P. Kjosevski defended.

In the second series, Marjan Radeski hit the hurdle for Struga. Esmin Lichina scored 1-0 in the penalty shootout for Macedonia.

In the third series, Neziri again hit the bar from Macedonia's goal, and failed to hit Alexovski. Kjosevski defended.

In the fourth series, Stevkovski saved Bunjamin Shabani's shot, and Skenderi scored for Makedonioja G.P. for a 2:0 celebration after penalties.

MACEDONIA G.P. 1. Hristijan Stevkovski, 4. Filip Mishevski, 5. Bojan Ilievski, 8. Gjorgi Stoilov (Emir Skenderi), 10. Arbi Vosha (75' Da Silva Mateus), 11. Stefan Lazarevic, 15. Dragan Stojkov, 17. Jovan Popzlatanov (86' Filip Alexovski), 18. Samir Fazli, 29. Jago Da Silva, 32. Christian Stojkoski (75' Esmin Lichina); Coach: Goran Simov.

STRUGA Trim Ljum: 95. Vedran Kjosevski, 6. Medjit Neziri, 9. Besart Ibrahimi (75' Ukpa Hogan), 10. Besmir Boyku, 11. Bunjamin Shabani, 16. Besart Krivanjeva, 22. Zia Merdjani, 24. Edis Maliqi ( 46' Fatjon Yusufi), 25. Suhelj Muharem, 55. Sava Radic, 77. Valentin Kochoski (66' Fljamur Tairi); Coach: Shpetim Duro.

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