Implementation of the coach diary internet platform at the national teams and FFM academy

Published on 16 Јануари, 2015 in News, Seminars

The Football Federation of Macedonia organized a one day educational training for the implementation of the internet platform, coach diary.

The training was organized in two parts; the first was intended for the coaches of the national teams and the coaches of the FFM academy, while the second part was intended for coaches of the other clubs that play at the junior and senior leagues of FFM.

Starting from this half-season, FFM will implement the coach diary and this application will enable the coaches with their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules and work plans, it would enable them to follow the progress of the players, as well as scout new players for the national teams or the academy. The application will enable a full overview of the work program and every club that will download this app can enjoy the same benefits as FFM.

The application is available at the following link:

The app is also translated in Macedonian for a better user experience of the clubs.

For contacting the official application representatives, each club can contact the following e-mail:

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