Head coach Astrit Merko announced the list for the Qualifying tournament in Georgia

Published on 29 Септември, 2022 in News, WU19

The women's youth representation of Macedonia U19 years old in the period from October 4 to 10 in Tbilisi, Georgia will be a participant in the qualifying tournament for placement in the European Championship 2023.

In group 6 of the B league within the first round of qualifications, in addition to our young football players, there are also the representations of Georgia (host) and Belarus.

We play the first match against Georgia on October 4. In the second match of the qualifying tournament, we play against Belarus on October 7.

The two qualifying matches will be played at 6 p.m.

The head coach of the young women's representation U19 years old, Astrit Merko decided to call the following football players:

Goalkeepers: Berna Kabacki (Bergh, Netherlands), Kristina Pavlovska (Istatov);

Defence: Simona Rebecca Maijer (Istatov), ​​Efimija Tsuneva (Tiveria), Edina Suleimani (Ac United), Matea Blazevska (Skopje), Mia Golovska (Skopje), Sara Eftindzioska (Despina), Diana Ristovska (Kamenica Sasa);

Midfielders: Era Stebleva (Ac United), Radica Velkova (Tiveria), Sara Mena (Ac United), Kristina Mojsoska (Ac United), Michaela Nastoska (Despina);

Attack: Jehona Veliu (Ac United), Laura Suleimani (GPSO 92), Vesa Sela (Ac United), Biljana Paneska (Tiveria), Aina Iseini (Zurich Frauen, Switzerland), Eda Dalipi (Ac United);

The women's national team of Macedonia under 19 yesterday officially started the preparations for the upcoming qualifying tournament in Georgia.

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