FFM organizer of the first regional fitness seminar for referees. Sejdini and Popovski: We are dedicated to the development of all segments of the football game

Published on 24 Јуни, 2022 in News, Seminars

For the first time in general, outside the framework of UEFA, the Football Federation of Macedonia is the organizer of the first regional fitness camp / seminar for referees.

Our federation is the initiator and fully organizes the camp in which referees (male and female referee trio) from ten countries in the region participate.

FFM managed to provide Werner Helsen as a lecturer at the seminar. The head coach of UEFA referees selected and prepared the referees for the last three World Cups and the last six European Championships.

At the opening of the seminar, the present referees from Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia were greeted by the leadership of FFM, President Muamed Sejdini and General Secretary Filip Popovski.

"We as the Football Federation of Macedonia believe that only with work  development can be achieved in all fields. Therefore, in this segment, for the development of referees, we believe that continuous education at all levels is necessary to achieve a higher level of knowledge, but also physical fitness. "We are fully available, as before, to all our stakeholders to provide support and dedicate ourselves to the development of the football game," said in his address FFM President Muamed Sejdini.

"Our goal this time, with the organization of the first seminar in this framework, is to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of trial and fitness training of referees, but also to build new bridges of cooperation and connection. We wanted to expand the part of the lectures and the practical preparation with the other colleagues from the region, as we do in the other segments of the football game. Thanks to all who contribute to have a nice and experience that will make us stronger and richer in knowledge ", said the General Secretary of FFM, Filip Popovski.

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