FFM held the Regular General Assembly

Published on 27 Мај, 2023 in News

The Football Federation of Macedonia held its Regular General Assembly.

At the Regular General Assembly in Skopje, the present delegates adopted the report of the President and the Management Board of FFM for 2022.

The highest body of the federation adopted the final account for the last year and the budget of the federation for the next year, and the report of the independent auditor was adopted. The delegates of the Assembly unanimously adopted the report from the FFM Administration on the fulfillment of the strategic plan 2021-2025, and the Strategy for Social Sustainability was also adopted.

The working part of today's Regular Assembly of the FFM was followed by representatives of UEFA and FIFA. Denis Bastari, representative of the National Associations department represented UEFA, while Elkan Mammadov and Lorenzo Cavallari were representatives of FIFA.

Muammed Seidini - President of FFM:

"In the past years, we managed to implement a number of projects and I would like to thank everyone in the football family who contributed. This team is synonymous with success and hope.

Investing in infrastructure remains strategically important for the federation. Until now, we have invested in fields all over Macedonia, but what is important to emphasize is that in the coming period we will work on improving the conditions of our "Petar Milosevski" training center as well.

We will make the best decision with the Management Board and I think that in the coming period we will be able to talk more specifically about it. The point is not just to take pictures, but to show the concrete steps that we take. Through a strategic and project approach, football infrastructure throughout the country is improved, we build and arrange new and existing stadiums, tribunes and training conditions.

It is our obligation to create maximum conditions for our football players and the professional staff of all national teams. To feel comfortable in their work and to always be the best on the field as they show it and constantly prove it.

Our vision is that placing in the big competitions will be a normal thing and we will become a regular participant in them. Success sets new standards of work and professionalism, and it is the main motivation for new generations to come.

We don't live on old glory, we have a plan and a program and we are going step by step. Our work program is qualitatively designed and follows the federation in terms of goals and what should and can be done. In this regard, we have great support and help from UEFA and FIFA, for which we are extremely grateful.

We do not run away from the challenges that are in front of us, on the contrary, we are ready and look forward to new challenges."

Elkan Mammadov - representative of FIFA:

"I want to greet you on behalf of our president Gianni Infantino and general secretary Fatma Samoura. This is a chance to point out the excellent cooperation of FFM with FIFA, reflected in the direction of the development of football and the joint work will continue to bring benefit to your beautiful country. FFM successfully implements programs offered by FIFA, especially FIFA Forward - the program, and I am glad that the funds are used efficiently, especially for the key component - infrastructure. FIFA has started a third cycle with FIFA Forward and we are looking forward to the cooperation, and we have no doubt that the funds will be used efficiently and smartly, all with the aim of developing football. Congratulations on your dedication and hard work, and FIFA will continue to support you."

Denis Bastari - representative of UEFA

"European football faced many big challenges in the past year as well, but we showed solidarity and support for each other. Unity and solidarity is the key to overcoming all difficulties. We need to continue to grow football, and with the increased scale of UEFA's hat-trick program we will continue to support football and invest across Europe.We increased the hat-trick fund by 21 percent and I want to point out that we will continue with successful projects, and we are very happy because with FFM we will continue along the same paths in the future. Let's keep football at this attractive level. You have our support along the way."

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